Why is it so important to create blog posts?

May 29, 2020 | Building your Business

Why is it so important to create blog posts?

Writing a blog can seem like a daunting prospect, you might be thinking ‘Who will read what I have to say?’ or ‘Will it actually help my business?’. 

We are going to keep this short and simple, here is why it is important for you.


Building Relationships

Let’s look at the bigger picture. We want to be building a great relationship with our potential client, we want them to learn from us, enjoy our content, trust our judgement. We can do this in a number of ways:

  1. We can give them a good experience when we make contact with each other.
  2. We can give great value every time we connect
  3. We can continue to make contact with the same people so that they don’t forget who we are.

When it comes to therapy of any kind, people need to feel safe and trust you, this can be done through consistent communication, that could be:
-A post on social media
-A blog post that is directed to someone else
-A testimonial we have posted
-A friend of theirs following us on a social media platform
– They might download a free resource we have on our website

Your brand/company needs to be seen 7 times by the potential client before they even consider you.

The above contacts will create the beginnings of a relationship. If we are doing it right they will begin to trust us and our message. However, when they are ready to purchase a service that we offer don’t think for one moment that they will remember us. That is why we need to be consistent, so the day they they are ready is day we release a new blog, social media post or email.

Consistency is key.

Fountain of information
Our blog posts give us the opportunity to reach out to our potential client and encourage them to ask more questions and to take a look around our website. Building that relationship.


– Our websites need to be a fountain of information for our potential clients
– If we have lots of useful content on our website, we can point people there from other platforms.
Every time you create a blog, you are creating a conversation with your potential audience. If they read something they like, they might share it or remember you because of it.
– We want people to keep coming back to our website, consistent blogs that answer questions will do that.

– People need no cost or low cost information before they will be willing to buy higher cost services or products from you. By giving them information or selling them something for a very low cost will help build a relationship with your potential client.

Feeding your website with the right nutrients.
Blog posts are a great way to answer your potential clients questions but they will also help keep our website full and active. The more information and number of pages we have on our website the better our site will perform in the search engines.

Remember that you are the expert, they are looking for answers and you have them. Be confident, you know you can help them, but they need to be shown.

If you have any questions about writing posts or other ways to reach your target audience please do send us a message and we will be happy to help you build your target audience and potential client base.


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