Brand Colours

Jan 5, 2022 | Branding, Building your Business


Choosing your brand colours is a VERY big decision!

You need to love these colours and your target audience needs to be drawn to them & remember them!


Finding out what you like, start a mood board on Pinterest, there are hundreds of colour palettes on there, you do not need to use the first one you see though, it is important your colours are chosen thoughtfully.


The next place to look for colours is where you can flick through colour palettes, and save individual colours as you go through. (If you have an image you love and want to draw colours from that you can use… note that if you choose those colours to be your pallet that image would look fantastic on your website)


Make sure your colour pallet has two different ‘accents’, so two colours that compliment each other. Another tool to try out is, where you can choose a complimentary colour that will be on the other side of the colour wheel. You will only use this colour a few times on your website, it will be where the eye gets drawn to, so use it as your ‘book now’ button.

Have a play around with pallets you like, open up Canva and try creating a few Pinterest posts with them, make sure you love them before committing.

Enjoy and have fun 🙂

Here is a fun section of pastel colours for a website we created almost two years ago but are still equally in love with them!





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