Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and your Website:

Which? What? Why? How?

Facebook and Pinterest are long terms.

  • You put up your post and they build slowly over months.
  • What you post today will be seen much more in one years time.
  • Instagram and Facebook are immediate, short term exposure. Put it up today and it’s life is very short term and will be difficult to be found tomorrow.

With this in mind, you can take your successful Instagram and Facebook posts and put them onto your website and your Pinterest accounts. Use the same information but present it in graphics for Pinterest, and words for your website. This way you make use of both long and short term exposure. You use the same material and you take advantage of the different marketing mediums to get your message across without creating lots more work for yourself.


Infographics …. People save your graphics and each has a direct link to your website


Infographics and captions ….. Links are not so good but following you is easy

Facebook Groups and Pages

Image and captions … linking easy but very fast-moving


The hub of all of your information …. With easy access to working with you.