Easy website setup

If you want a professional website on a trustworthy system like WordPress but don’t have the budget to pay for a designer or the time to learn all of the nitty-gritty aspects of getting a website then this is for you!

→  We take care of the admin & foundations

→  You take care of the fun & creative

What is included?


Support in choosing & purchasing the best hosting and domain

DNS support – connecting your domain to your website
Complete set up and configure your WordPress website
Access to premium Divi Theme and page builder
Installation of plugins
Integration of social media links
SEO starter installed
Set up your SSL Certificate
Template pack for easier design
Video tutorials to get you started
When you are ready to launch, we will add it to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

This alone will safe you a lots hair-pulling moments and a value of +£750 but we are offering it at a LOT less!


WebCare plan

A website needs maintenance, just like your car - you need to take care of it. If your website doesn't work, your client's won't book...

Our WebCare plan we will take care of your website for you, with monthly reports, weekly updates and daily backups so you can sleep well at night - knowing that we are in your corner looking after your business assets

How will we do it?


We jump on a call

This is not essential, we can do it all by email however we do want you to get the absolute most out of our resources and a quick 30-minute call to show you everything has proven the best way!


We get to work while you write up your content

It takes us about 5-8 days to set up everything, and then we will hand over the website with a tutorial on where to begin:
– Choose your template
– Add your content
– Add your images!


Once you have designed your website

We can pop in again and set you up on Google Analytics and Google Search Console

One last thing:


Writing up your content

You will get access to a fabulous document that will help you to plan out your website pages and how to word your website in a way the interests and hooks your ideal clients.


Finding your colours

We will show you how to create a website that truly speaks to your ideal client, here is a hint ‘what you love, they will love’


We are at hand

If for any reason you need some help with designing or adding additional plugins you can purchase extra hours with us with a 50% discount from our hourly rate!


Easy website setup

Start on a strong foundation and get everything done by the book!

Choose from a wide range of templates, and have fun getting creative!

Investment only: £177

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