Are you ready to create a steady stream of clients?

We teach you how to build rapport and grow your online community with ease

Building your community is one most powerful things you need to learn within your International business, the skills we teach you will allow people to connect with you and understand that working with you will create a huge change in their life and their health.


This course is right for you if:

• You want to grow your health business online
• You don’t want to have to sell yourself or your products
• You want to find a way that allows the right people to find you
• You want to build a community of the like-minded people who want more options to optimise their health
• You want a sustainable way for clients to find you now and in the future.

The weeks I am less than 8-9 patients I think “great, that means I can write or do some social media planning”. How amazing is that!!!

I have learnt so much about how to be more specific and aligned with my truth in my marketing and I have overcome the biggest milestone of moving my business to be more automated online.

I can’t thank you enough, you have helped me in ways I had never imagined.

This course is for naturally minded therapists who want to learn how to build a community of like minded people who want to improve their health using natural therapies. When you are leading a powerful community like this, you will soon have a steady stream of clients wanting to work with you. As your community grows, we will be reaching more and more people throughout the world who want to find sustainable ways to maintain their health as well as the opportunity to connect with others on the same journey.

This first course has been designed to begin at the first stages of building your International business. This is because it is the one most powerful thing you need to learn in order to allow people to connect with you and understand that working with you will create a huge change in their life and their health.


If you are thinking about building an International health business, then this is a great starting point for you and a great opportunity to get started on the background work, the foundations of your business.

In this course you will learn about:

• Building rapport in social media groups
• Creating content to share
• The importance of language
• How not to sell yourself
• What to talk about with different groups
• Building your own groups
• Building your email list
• Building your ambassador confidence
• Exceeding Expectations


You can begin this course, and all of the practical challenges in the course even before you set up your business. Learning how to build rapport in the groups is different because it is learning how not to sell yourself. It is learning how to be helpful and how to listen through the questions you ask, it is learning how to build your authority in your subject … through the eyes and opinions of others. You will also learn how to lead a community to a bigger vision and goal which will encourage each member of your community to encourage others into the fold.

So, are you ready to create a steady stream of clients?

This is a six week video course with practical challenges to help you turn everything you learn into reality. You will need to set aside 3 to 4 hours a week to learn how to improve your conversation in order to build rapport and grow your own healthy community

There is so much more I WANT to do, and am looking forward to experimenting with it. There are times when I genuinely feel confident in what I am doing. I never thought I would think that, feel that. I know there is still plenty to work on, and that is OK. The new challenge is finding time to do everything and keep a new momentum going. I’m so excited about it all!

I have grown so much as a practitioner in confidence and in learning to not be ‘ruffled’ by what others opinions are out there and just stay true to who I am. This has seen positive results in my patient outcomes and I am now consistently reaching both my weekly financial and patient target numbers.

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