About Naturally Minded

Mary and Sophie

Mother and Daughter

Are inspiring like minded people to STAND UP and be counted. Together, their marketing skills and creativity is influencing wellness coaches to understand how each and one of us can stand together and make a difference. How we can each, help people learn about personal choices, how people can take back responsibility of their own health and realise they are not alone.

Sophie Taylor

Sophie – Website Designer

has spent her whole life creating, designing, building and traveling. With a passion for life and wilderness, Sophie embraced everything that she could learn, from all four corners of the earth, studying yoga in India, self care in New Zealand, self sustainability in Ecuador, surfing in Bali, snow boarding in the Alps, all whilst motivating therapists to help teach the world about natural health and natural choices.

Sophie says “ I didn’t know what I was seeking when I began traveling, but then I found me, and then I found other people like me, and then I realised how many people couldn’t see they had a choice. I realised that people everywhere want a choice, but many people don’t believe that there is a choice. For the sake of our environment, for the future our children will have on this earth, we need to stand up and shout from the roof tops! You do have a choice and you can make better choices with your health, your happiness and your future”.

With a degree in web design, illustration, graphic design and event management, Sophie is a passionate influencer, determined to do everything she can to help others spread the word of choice, natural choice. The timing is perfect, the world is opening it’s eyes to the fact that consumerism is killing everything that stands in it’s path. Now is the time for Health coaches, therapists and practitioners to show the world that there is another way to live.

Mary – Business Coach

11 years ago, Mary decided it was time to take her family’s health into her own hands, having been disappointed with the options provided by mainstream medicine, it was time to do something about it. “Deciding to study Classical Homeopathy was the best decision I have ever made, it has changed my life, my work and my mission”.

The best part about studying was meeting like minded people, and with 30 years of sales and marketing experience behind her, Mary took no time at all in setting up and building a multifunctional natural health clinic and beginning her new vocation with a great set of inspirational therapists.

As the practice grew, Mary began seeing more and more clients from home as she was running out of space in the clinic. Of course, if this was possible to see clients on video, suddenly the options of a business wherever you are in the world seems possible. Mary learnt how to build an International client base and went to sail a boat in the Mediterranean for three years.

When Covid struck, Mary realised that so many people would now need natural health advice she set up homeopathy247 and grew a team of homeopaths from around the world to offer a 24 hour service online. Now with a team of more than 50 homeopaths, Mary is determined to help other therapists teach the world about the natural health choice in healthcare.

Sophie Taylor

Zie – Creative Consultant

Hi, I am Zie. I live in the Philippines and love working as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Creative Consultant for companies around the world. With many years experience of social media marketing, podcast management, customer support and application set up and design, I am passionate about graphic design, video editing and website design. I love making designs which work and so my work is my passion.

To have the opportunity to solve problems and create graphics that inspire is food for my soul. Whenever there’s a new task, I accept the challenge and relish the opportunity to learn and build my skill set and experience. I always believe that for you to grow, you have to take risks.

I believe it is good to challenge yourself. When you take risks and put your energy and passion into a new challenge, you achieve so much more. This is also a great way to expand your comfort zone and reach new heights. Every experience is one which teaches me something and for this, I am grateful.