As you become busier with your clients, it becomes difficult to keep up your marketing.

In order to avoid overwhelm you need to become more organised. What can you organise better in order to increase your capacity for more clients AND more marketing as your business grows.

Considerations and Ideas to Avoid Overwhelm whilst increasing productivity

  • Overwhelm is when you take on more than 5% over your comfort zone. So start planning growth of 4% over your comfort zone and plan your growth and productivity slowly and steadily, accepting that changes take adjustment time.
  • Going outside your comfort zone creates overwhelm and new habits take 6 to 10 weeks to form and become accepted within your new expanded comfort zone. This means you can (or should), plan one new activity every 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Accounting – Set up your accounting so it is as easy as possible and you don’t have a huge job at the end of each month or quarter. Do this by: having a business account where everything that goes in and out is business. Pay yourself a wage once or twice a month of the same amount (into another account). Then print off your bank statement as an accurate and full summary of your accounting.
  • Record keeping – Can you improve your record keeping by having pre printed templates or having everything online so that it’s easier to manage and file (avoiding piles of paperwork).
  • Prepare your work schedule for tomorrow at the end of working today. So when you arrive at work tomorrow, the first hour is sorted and planned and ready to rock and roll.
  • Break every job up into bite size, achievable, pieces. For example, writing a blog is 5 jobs. 1 is title and plan, 2 is finding images, 3 is writing main info, 4 is fine tuning and refining, 5 is publishing.
  • Make a 21 list. This is a one page per month sheet calendar with room for 3 small, bite size jobs per day, for you to achieve and tick off so that you can see your progress through the month.
  • Think what you have achieved and how far you have come in the last 5 years. Now imagine if you achieve the same amount or more in the next 5 years. Reward yourself for coming so far and praise yourself for being able to imagine what you can achieve in the next 5 years.