Our Online Courses

That will help you grow a successful international business



1. Rapport Building

Are you ready to create a steady stream of clients?
We teach you how to build rapport and grow your online community with ease


2. Applications for your Business

Are you confused about all of the application options for your business?
In this course, we teach you all the practical applications you need.


3. Build your own Wellness Website

Step by step course to building your own wellness website.
No technical knowledge is needed:
We will take you through the process every step of the way.


4. Naturally Minded Business Launchpad

Invest in your Naturally Minded business today and take the stress out of setting up your practice! With our course, you’ll have the tools, and motivation needed to launch your business confidently and successfully.

“I am soooooo close to my goal for the year. I aimed for 10 patients per week and whilst I am not there I am so close I can see it. 8-9 patients per week, the referral system of patients passing on my details is happening. I’ve even had paediatricians in the US recommend me to their patients for skin issues. Made me smile! The weeks I am less than 8-9 patients I think “great, that means I can write or do some social media planning”. How amazing is that!!! “

“Good news, I just worked out that in 3 months my earnings have overtaken my fees for 6 months training with you. I’ll be in profit soon!”

“This is the first time I have done anything like this before. Never spoken in public – ever – and never put a presentation together. To say I was nervous was an understatement! BUT it has been so worth it. My confidence has grown, I know what to do and what NOT to do next time. I now have a course I can run again (with some adjustments), and I have a stack of information I can turn into an ebook to sell through my website. 😉”

“I have just taken a booking from a facebook group this last weekend for a consult and was paid an extraordinary amount of money up front 10 minutes later…..that freaked me out for a moment lol. Then came the next fear of now having to impress someone extra, if they paid so much for it. We talked about this in last nights meeting. So this morning I went into that consult after doing my affirmation, Mary’s breathing exercises and doing Debbie’s Superwoman’s pose, it cracked me up so much that it broke the ice (my ice anyway). There is the next fear coming up “what if I can’t solve this????? But I have today also received another booking for a full consult (local) and have 3 more clients possibly booking in acutes shortly.”

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