Writing an ‘About Me’ Page That Sparkles

Your About Me page needs to be a powerful message that is going to build rapport and help grow your private practice.

This page is one of the most important on your website. Here’s our key points on how to make your About Me page transform your site.

Your website only has one goal:

To tell the potential client that you deeply understand and feel their situation.

This goes for your ‘About Me’ page too. You are just giving them a glance of who you are whilst showing them that you understand what they are going through.

Here is a little task to build the foundation of your ‘About Me’ page.

Imagine you are in your office with a potential client and they are asking you the following questions. Voice record your answers and then type them out… easy.

  1. How is your treatment different to the other [therapist niche] I can find?
  2. What results do you see from your clients, how does their life change?
  3. What experiences do you have that make you passionate about this niche?
  4. How do you understand what I am going through?
  5. How will it work, what are the next steps if I want to work with you?

The great thing about recording yourself speaking is that your authentic voice will come out and that is the most powerful tool you have: your authenticity.

Some additional factors to think about:

  • Add a few fun facts about yourself (apart from the overused ‘Long walks on the weekend with your dog’)
  • Write in the first person
  • Use short sentences and break up long paragraphs
  • If you can use bullet points to make for a quick read thats great
  • Dont use any clinical terms, keep it user friendly
  • Keep your education and licences at the bottom
  • Never keep people guessing. What do they need to do next? Contact you? Book a FREE 15 minute chat? Give them a clear sign as to where they need to go next on your website.
  • Add options to get to know you better, social media buttons or links to a blog at the end of the page
  • Use a professional picture
  • If you have a video introducing yourself you website will dramatically outshine others.

There you have it, we hope you found this post to be useful. Remeber to give your About Me page some time and consideration, dont rush it.

Be Confident & express yourself.

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