Antoinette Byrne

Antoinette is offering a huge amount of services. All of which needed to be on her website in a very clear and tidy way.

We came up with a very clean drop down section on her services page which leads directly to her calendar where her clients can book straight away and pay directly. Creating a very simple user experience.

The design first started off very different to the end result, Antoinette had requested for a website to be Aquamarine through and through, but after the first review completly changed direction to wanted a clean, black & white base with a pop of colour.

Here’s what Antoinette say

Sophie was recommended to me and I am delighted with the result of her work. Working with Sophie from start to finish was so easy. She was so professional in her approach and her step by step instructions made building my website a very easy project. Sophie’s support after completion is also invaluable.

I highly recommend Sophie, especially if you don’t know how or where to start and want an easy website to navigate. Thanks Sophie”

“I love it, thank you so much!

Sorry, I obviously just didn’t really know what I wanted, but this is spot on.

Thank you… thank you …thank you.

Gosh you’re amazing at what you do!!

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