Pinterest: How to Create More Traffic to Your Website.

There are 335+ million users on Pinterest, If you are not already you need to start using it to promote your business. First of all stop thinking Pinterest as a social media platform – Pinterest is not like Instagram or Facebook but more like Google.

Below is a checklist to make sure you are making the most out of Pinterest and start driving more traffic to your website. To make it manageable try just completing one task at a time. If you have any questions just send me an email :D. Have fun!

Your Pinterest Account:

Set up your Pinterest correctly.

  • Make sure you account is business (it is free to change)
  • Claim your website
  • Check your privacy settings and notifications are how you would like them (Pinterest will send you a thousand emails a day if you don’t)


  • Start a keyword list, write down 5-8 keywords or phrases for your business
  • Enter the first keyword into the Pinterest search bar and a range of other words will appear underneath … add all of these keywords to your list. Repeat this with your other first keywords or phases
  • Take a screenshot of each page, the whole page… so you can see the images under your keywords. They should be your inspiration for creating the type of content that comes up at the top of the list.


There are 6 places where you need to be putting your keywords. Try and fill the below areas with them, but make sure that it still reads well and makes sense.

  • Your profile name
  • Your profile description
  • Your board names
  • Your board description
  • Every pin title
  • Every pin description


  • Use Canva (it’s free) and create 10 Pinterest posts for each bit of content you have to share.
  • Save the templates so you can use them the next time you are sharing something
  • Make sure you use your brand colours & include your website address in the image
  • Use clear headings and text


  • Create lots of different boards 
  • You can post the same content to each board, that’s why we have created 10 different images for one bit of content
  • Try not to have all of the pins in one board going to the same link
  • As an additional task you can create board covers, they need to be square, pin them as usual and then edit the board cover and you will need to flick through until you find the correct one. (Save this task for when you have completed everything else.


  • Be consistent, don’t post everything in one day, spread it out, posting 1 or 2 times a day is just fine
  • Schedule your posts, don’t waste time every day thinking about posting on Pinterest, spend one or two hours a week schedule for the entire week (you should also be doing this for Instagram)
  • Remember to use your keywords in your title and description (save them somewhere so you can copy and paste them and change a few things.
  • If you think other peoples content on Pinterest is going to help you ideal customers then you can pin there, but try to focus on your own new content.


  • Pinterest business accounts have a great analytics side, it shows you which posts worked and which didn’t. Keep an eye on this, you will start to feel confident posting when you start understanding what works and what doesn’t.
  • Link Clicks is the most important, that’s driving people to your website

Repeat CREATE & POST and I guarantee you will begin to see results and more traffic heading to your website.

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