Personalised Homeopathy Health Care


Homeopathy treatment works by acting as a catalyst to stimulate your own innate healing system. Our individuality means that each one of us reacts in a different way than everyone else around us.

The way we react physically and emotionally to events, traumas and daily life is what makes us individual. Our reaction is guided by a culmination of everything that we have inherited and everything that we have experienced. This is what makes you you and me, me. Because we are different, we need a health plan that works with our individuality.

Homeopathy works by stimulating our bodies to correct the health disturbance or rebalance the swing effect which has knocked us off kilter.

If ten people have a headache, each one of us will experience it differently, this means we each need a different medicine to stimulate our bodies to correct the disturbance.

Because we are individual, a homeopathic consultation will take into account our whole health history. When we experience a symptom we need to:

  • Acknowledge that this is a sign from our bodies telling us something is wrong
  • Understand what changes the body is asking us to make to correct the imbalance.

We will then be addressing the cause of the symptom and will effect lasting improvement in health.

Unfortunately, many mainstream medicines act by suppressing the symptom, causing it to go deeper into the body. But our bodies are very resilient and don’t just give up! Your body will send you a different message asking you to do (or change) something again.

The cause of the new symptom is still the same as the old symptom, but the message is different because you didn’t listen to the first symptom.

And so your health history begins to accumulate. The detail is important when it comes to finding the correct remedy to address the original cause of the issue (which may have happened years ago).

The remedy selection is the nearest possible match to the energy resonance of the original disturbance, the symptoms you have experienced in the meantime offer a way of honing into to the specific remedy your body needs to stimulate a healing reaction. Both your emotional and physical experiences are taken into account.

When we take all of this into consideration, plus other exposures that you have picked up along the way such as metal toxicity, emotional trauma, physical trauma such as medications, vaccinations, injuries and hormone exposure we begin to understand the complexity of our health today.

By addressing our whole health picture, we can begin to peel back the health layers and we can address the cause of the issue.

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