Business Coaching for Health Professionals

Hi, I’m Mary, I am a health coach, business mentor and a homeopath.

After a lifetime in sales and marketing, I now help other health coaches build their practice so that they can do what they love doing … helping others.

If you have done all of your health training courses and want to spend more time practicing, seeing clients and being a health practitioner, then I can help you achieve that goal. The sad thing about being a solo-preneur, a one man band, a self-employed practitioner … you need to be skilful in all aspects of business, and unfortunately, many courses don’t teach you the marketing techniques you need to get your business really earning you a living.

So I am here … as your go-between. To help you along the journey towards being a busy practitioner. I will teach you everything you need to know in order to find your potential clients, in order to build your own following, in order to help people decide to work with you.

Chose the best way to take that journey of transformation.

We are so excited to help you reach your business goals.


Option 1

Join a course and go through each step of the process in your own time following the marketing techniques which work in your business. Join the peer group and learn with your fellow students.

There are 6 courses on 6 separate topics to study one at a time or purchase altogether at a discounted price.

Option 2

All of option 1 with a monthly group live coaching session and a questions catch up to keep you on track and progressing each stage of your business with the expertise you need in each specific area of business growth. (3 hours live coaching a month)

Pay monthly to access all of the courses and group session or pay for one year of coaching.

Monthly payment of £200 or £2000 for a full year.

Option 3

All of option 2 with additional one to one sessions each month.

– The online interactive course
– A monthly group coaching session
– A monthly group questions and answers session
– A monthly one to one mentoring session

Pay monthly to access everything or pay for one year of business mentoring.

£400 monthly or £3900 for a full year of mentoring.

“I am soooooo close to my goal for the year. I aimed for 10 patients per week and whilst I am not there I am so close I can see it. 8-9 patients per week, the referral system of patients passing on my details is happening. I’ve even had paediatricians in the US recommend me to their patients for skin issues. Made me smile! The weeks I am less than 8-9 patients I think “great, that means I can write or do some social media planning”. How amazing is that!!! “

“Good news, I just worked out that in 3 months my earnings have overtaken my fees for 6 months training with you. I’ll be in profit soon!”

“This is the first time I have done anything like this before. Never spoken in public – ever – and never put a presentation together. To say I was nervous was an understatement! BUT it has been so worth it. My confidence has grown, I know what to do and what NOT to do next time. I now have a course I can run again (with some adjustments), and I have a stack of information I can turn into an ebook to sell through my website. 😉”

“I have just taken a booking from a facebook group this last weekend for a consult and was paid an extraordinary amount of money up front 10 minutes later…..that freaked me out for a moment lol. Then came the next fear of now having to impress someone extra, if they paid so much for it. We talked about this in last nights meeting. So this morning I went into that consult after doing my affirmation, Mary’s breathing exercises and doing Debbie’s Superwoman’s pose, it cracked me up so much that it broke the ice (my ice anyway). There is the next fear coming up “what if I can’t solve this????? But I have today also received another booking for a full consult (local) and have 3 more clients possibly booking in acutes shortly.”

Our online courses

There are 6 courses on 6 separate topics to study one at a time or purchase altogether at a discounted price. Each separate course is £200 or £1000 for all 6.

1. Building your following online

Imagine how easy your marketing will be when you have your own following who are nearly ready to work with you.  In this course, you will learn how to attract the right people and how to keep them focused until they are ready to make the changes you are offering.

Course will be released September 2021

2. Setting up Systems to work remotely

You will learn all applications & software needed for an international business. We show comparisons of alternative applications, how to set them up and use them. We cover: International Calendars, Mail, Video, Post creation, Accounting, International payment programs & Automations.

Course will be released October 2021

3. Your soul Essence and the reason people want to work with you.

How you present you and your work to the world will mean the difference between being busy and being frustrated. In this course you will learn what makes you uniques and how to get that across to the right people who are going to be the perfect clients for you.

Course will be released November 2021

4. Your website, your message and your work schedule

Your website is the hub of everything you do and everything your are. How to present this information in the most effective way will help you use your hub of knowledge to create the library of information everyone returns to. The words you write can be used in lots of ways so you will learn effective, proven methods of communicating with your audience.

Course will be released September 2021

5. Writing your blogs and emails, building your email list and getting your blogs to be seen by lots of people

Blogs, website pages, FB posts, Instagram, Pinterest, email letters and more. What, why when and where? This course fits all of the pieces of the puzzle together in order to create a seamless stream of information that your following are just waiting to receive.

Course will be released October 2021

6. Using Ambassadors to bring you more clients

It is so much better to get new clients from referrals but were you aware that you can affect the number of ambassadors you have for your business and the number of clients they bring you. This is a course full of secrets that people don’t talk about but once you get it … your marketing gets easier and your business grows much faster.

Course will be released November 2021