Does Your Colour Palette Flow?

Deciding your brand colours is a fundamental factor when building your brand.

Forget about what is in fashion right now, that will definitely become outdated and following the fashion, you will quite often blend in (the opposite of what any business should be doing).

Most likely you are reading this post because you work in the wellness world and your ideal clients are not only buying a service from you but they are investing in you because they trust you and what you stand for.

That is why it is so important that you LOVE your own brand and it needs to resemble you.

If you come across a fabulous brand, on Instagram or a website have a look at their brand colours and then look at their images. Do they have their brand colours in their images? The answer is most likely YES!

The obvious way to do this is finding some objects, certain things that have your brand colours in and then taking lots of pictures of them. This is a great option to get that magical feel of consistency throughout your platforms, however, it doesn’t really work for me… It’s not that I am lazy, actually, I am a little when it comes to taking pictures, it’s not always my favourite thing to do and adding this extra element I find rather stressful.

So, here is what I did….I live in Bali (near the sea) and my parents live on a boat in Greece who I regularly visit. So, with that in mind pretty much all of the pictures I take have the sea in them.

Can you sea where I am going with this… you want to get some sort of consistency with your images and brand colours…. I actually made my colour theme around my pictures. I know I will always have a tonne of images with the sea near me so I found a light/blue-greenish colour that I LOVED and based my colour palette around that.

How can this work for you?

Just have a think about what comes most natural for you & think about the colours you often find in your picture….
– Maybe you live near a forest, love the beach or the golden hour.
– Do you have a ‘healthy’ obsession with something or someone … maybe your dog (what colour is his fur?)
– Do you love the orange in sunsets and take lots of pictures with them?

Choosing your brand colours is a LOT of fun!

These two resources are fab for creating your colour scheme:

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