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It is time to learn how to live your authentic life and pull away from all of the things that you don’t want or need in your life. Mary Greensmith, a homeopath living on an island, shares her experiences of island living, lifestyle choices and authentic being. Join her for her weekly chats with like-minded people who live their best life.

Natural Remedy Books

from Naturally Minded Publishing

Find our collection of Naturally Minded Health Books that have been written to help you take back control of your health and vitality. From Immunity to Skin, Stress to Motivation and Helping Your Children navigate anxiety, we are building a library of information to help families live their best lives

Life Coaching

with Mary Greensmith

Planning change is sometimes a lonely journey, Mary will walk alongside you through your changes as you find the best route and make sense of the experiences along the way. From planning to execution, it is time to begin your new life creation.

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