8-Week Transformation

Business Launchpad

This course takes you through each stage of launch preparation.

Discover the Transformative Benefits of Our

Naturally Minded Business Launchpad Course:

Marketing with a Difference

No hard sales, no cringy pitches, learn how to be a helpful practitioner and create curiosity within your audience so people want to ask for more information about how you help people

Finding the People Who are Looking for Help

Creating a community full of potential clients means you will never have to go far to find new people to work with. Community marketing means you never have to sell what you do.

Downloadable Workbooks for Flexibility

No need to be tethered to your computer. With our downloadable workbooks, you can take notes and work on practical tasks wherever you please. Prepare for your launch on your terms, in your own space.

Continued Preparation Anywhere

Life doesn’t stop, and neither should your progress. Our 8-week structured course allows you to balance your studies and daily life while building your business. You can keep preparing for your launch, no matter where you are.

Monthly Q&A Live Sessions

Gain expert insights and personalized guidance through our monthly live sessions. Every aspect of the course is covered, ensuring you’re fully prepared and ready to take action.

Mindset Check-In

Identify and conquer the mental obstacles that hinder your progress. Understand what’s holding you back and learn techniques to complete tasks and achieve your goals effectively.

Invest in your Naturally Minded business today and take the stress out of setting up your practice! With our course, you’ll have the tools, and motivation needed to launch your business confidently and successfully.

Don’t wait—seize this opportunity and turn your dreams into reality. Your journey begins now!

Unlock Your Path to Success with Our Business Launchpad Course for Health Practitioners!

Are you a dedicated student or a newly qualified health practitioner, therapist, or coach? Our course has been designed specifically for you. Here’s why it’s the perfect fit:

Student Preparation for Business

Naturally Minded Students are often creating lots of information whilst studying that are perfect to use for building a community full of potential clients. But often, they don’t know it, they don’t know what to do or how to use the information. We explain what, why and how to use your current work to begin building your client base.

Student to Practitioner Transition

It is hard to know what you should be doing for your future business whilst you are still studying. Our course provides invaluable insights into what needs to be done well in advance and how this can help you create a successful launch for your naturally minded business

Having a Warm Community means having a busier practice

Having a community of people who know you as you launch your practice, means that you will never have to sell yourself or what you do. We show you how to build a community and tailor your services to suit their requirements

Discover the Transformative Benefits of Our

Naturally Minded Business Launchpad Course:

Mindful Marketing Techniques

Discover the art of marketing that aligns with your holistic values. We focus on mindful marketing techniques that resonate with your ethos.

Effective Communication

Learn how to articulate your unique services effectively. We’ll teach you how to speak confidently about what you do, making it easier to connect with potential clients.

Highly Targeted Warm Audience

Find the right people to share your message with. We’ll help you identify and reach your ideal audience, ensuring you are talking to the right people.

Authentic Marketing

Say goodbye to pushy sales tactics! Our course equips you with practical, soulful marketing strategies that resonate with your values and won’t compromise your integrity.

Getting Close To The End of Your Studies is Daunting – Now you need to start thinking about your business launch!

We know this is a scary time! We know that you might feel overwhelmed going into the uncharted territory of marketing and sales.

Join our Business Launchpad Course today and prepare yourself for a smooth transition from student to busy practitioner. You have a prosperous and mindful future ahead of you.

Your success story begins here!

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