The PILLARS supporting your International Business

The practical applications you need for an online business

This course is right for you if:
  • You want to cut to the chase and find the easiest way to set up your business now
  • You want technical help finding and setting up each application you will need to make your business easy to run and grow
  • You want to automate the boring bits of business
  • You just want it to work … so you can spend more time practicing your therapy

The weeks I am less than 8-9 patients I think “great, that means I can write or do some social media planning”. How amazing is that!!!

I have learnt so much about how to be more specific and aligned with my truth in my marketing and I have overcome the biggest milestone of moving my business to be more automated online.

I can’t thank you enough, you have helped me in ways I had never imagined.

The pillars of your business create an integral framework where each application integrates and maintains business flow. You want to come in to work and everything to be sorted for you.

  • Your clients have already booked in,
  • Your clients have paid for their appointments,
  • Reminders have been set,
  • Your clients are waiting for you in your private video room
  • Their emails are already sorted into a program ready to receive feedback forms
  • Your clients receive regular, easy to write emails which encourage them to tell their friends and family about everything you do
  • Your referrals are flowing in
  • Your calendar sorts itself out
  • You have more time to do what you love doing and that is practicing your therapy.

If you are thinking about building an International health business, then this is a great starting point for you and a great opportunity to get started on the background work, the foundations of your business.

In this course you will learn about:

✔️   Private video rooms

✔️   Online payment systems

✔️ International booking calendars

✔️  Website design and implementation

✔️  Canva creation for posts and blogs

✔️  Email applications for automating emails

✔️  Automation and setup

✔️  Design and visual creation

✔️  Managing your business growth

So, are you ready to create a steady stream of clients?

This video course is delivered to you to access in any order you wish. There are step by step instructions to help you decide and set up each application and practical challenges to help you practice using each application. There are 36 sessions for you to work through covering 6 applications. You will have access to all of the updates of the course as soon as they are available at no extra charge for the life of the course.

There is so much more I WANT to do, and am looking forward to experimenting with it. There are times when I genuinely feel confident in what I am doing. I never thought I would think that, feel that. I know there is still plenty to work on, and that is OK. The new challenge is finding time to do everything and keep a new momentum going. I’m so excited about it all!

I have grown so much as a practitioner in confidence and in learning to not be ‘ruffled’ by what others opinions are out there and just stay true to who I am. This has seen positive results in my patient outcomes and I am now consistently reaching both my weekly financial and patient target numbers.

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