About Naturally Minded

We inspire like-minded people to get online and start sharing their passion for wellness.

Mary Greensmith

Business Coach

In 2010 I decided it was time to take my family’s health into her own hands, having been disappointed with the options provided by mainstream medicine. I studied Classical Homeopathy, it has changed my life, my work and my mission.

I had 25 years of sales and marketing experience behind me, it took no time at all in setting up and building a multifunctional natural health clinic. I learnt how to build an International client base and went to sail a boat in the Mediterranean for three years.

Now I am here to help other therapists teach the world about the natural health choice in healthcare.

Sophie Taylor

Illustrator & Brand Designer
I embraced freedom and the ability to work anywhere in the world. Studying yoga in India, self-care in New Zealand, self-sustainability in Ecuador, surfing in Bali, snowboarding all over Europe, all whilst motivating therapists to get online.

With a degree in web design, illustration, graphic design and event management, I am determined to do everything I can to help others understand that there is a choice in life and a choice in health.

For the sake of our environment, for the future our children will have on this earth, we need to stand up and shout! We do have a choice and we can make better choices with our health and happiness.

Zie Muñoz

Creative Consultant

Hi, I am Zie. I live in the Philippines and love working as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Creative Consultant for companies around the world. With many years experience of social media marketing, podcast management, customer support and application set up and design, I am passionate about graphic design, video editing and website design. I love making designs which work and so my work is my passion.

Why do we want to help

Wellness Businesses Grow?

Naturally-Minded is here to inspire the wellness and natural health industry to spread it’s wings and begin to influence more and more people who desperately are shouting for help across the world.

We are passionate about spreading the word to help therapists reach across oceans and seas to bring like-minded people together, no matter where they are.

Naturally-Minded health coaches, wellness practitioners and life coaches will learn how to reach people many miles away and help the world improve their health, vitality and immunity.

We Help Natural Health Practitioners

Build Sustainable, Successful Businesses